The email signature is an opportunity to personalise your messages and form a connection with your guests. Seeing a name and face lets guests know that there is a real person at the accommodation who cares about their needs. 

When creating your signature think about the kind relationship you want to build with your guests. An email received from the Hotel Manager carries more authority while one from the Guest Relations is likely to make the guest feel genuinely cared about. 

Changing your signature

You can update your appearance from the Signature page in the Settings menu.

For best results upload a square image with the face in the centre.

Your computer probably comes with a program that can be used to edit images. If you're having trouble creating a square image, contact us using the chat in the bottom-right corner of this screen or send us an email and we will be more than happy to help out.

Checking the appearance

The new appearance settings will be used for future messages. You can check how the adjustments to your signature look by going to the active conversation window and clicking Show next to a message that Charlie has sent. You will need to wait until Charlie sends a message that includes your new signature.

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