tell Charlie is an innovative guest communication platform that is tailored to travellers in today's digital era. Modern guests prefer to interact via their devices instead of face-to-face and they expect to have a direct communication channel with their accommodation.

Our goal is to enhance the guest experience, leading to happier guests and value for accommodations through higher ratings, higher occupancy, better rates and more return visits. We do this by providing a mobile-friendly communication platform so that guests and accommodations can be in touch with each other throughout the entire guest journey.

tell Charlie also streamlines guest engagement by interacting with guests before, during and after their stay with you. This helps you find out their expectations without having to guess. It also frees up your time so that you can focus of the guests who need more attention.

Before their stay guests are asked if they have any requests for their stay. This is a great opportunity to start a great experience for them with your accommodation.

During their stay guests are asked how their stay is going. This is a good chance to find out about any little problems and turn the situation around before they turn into a negative review.

After their visit guests are asked to rate and review their stay. We see that guests are much more likely to respond if they used the service during their stay. And those that have actively used the service during their stay generally rate the stay higher and leave more positive reviews.

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