This article is for you if you received our announcement email but you can't find the booking in your system.

The short answer is that you can use the button in the email you received to safely 'disable' any guest(s) do not match your own records. This does not affect any bookings but prevents miscommunication.

The longer answer explains how there might be differences between your own records and the reservation we sent you.

A guest that uses tell Charlie has found your accommodation via trivago and booked a trip through one of their advertisers.

It sometimes happens that a guest cancels their reservation and we are not made aware (in time) by the advertiser. And that's why they are shown in the email you received.

In these cases you can rely on the information in your own system so if you do not see the reservation we mention please 'disable' it to prevent confusion with the guest.

After pressing 'Confirm changes' there is no further action needed from you. Guest(s) that are 'enabled' will have the tell Charlie experience as requested and might contact you with requests, feedback about their stay and a review when they leave. 

If you have any further questions, please let us know.

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